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Get instant access to the ultimate B2B lead generation platform and put your sales on autopilot with automated LinkedIn outreach, cold emails & ongoing coaching to guarantee your success...

Ready to schedule 5-15+ new customer meetings per week? 
With LinkedClient you'll get: 

  • Email Automations - To put your cold sales emails on autopilot and generate leads without lifting a finger.
  • LinkedIn Automations - Find your dream prospects, connect on LinkedIn and schedule 5-15+ new sales appointments per week, on auto.
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions - Trouble converting your prospects into sales appointments? Hate technology? Simply want results faster? Join your FREE coaching sessions and get live help from our team of experts every week, for as long as you work with us!
  • LinkedClient Blueprint - Our amazing onboarding course that will help you get up and running TODAY!
  • DFY Templates & Worksheets - Write your high-converting emails and outreach messages faster with our library of DFY templates and worksheets.  
  • Guaranteed ResultsIf you don't get results by using our platform, we simply don't want your money. Just cancel your monthly subscription at any time and we'll part as friends. :)

Here's everything you need to know...

This all sounds way too good to be true, how does it actually work?

First of all, I get it. 

Generating 5, 10, 15 or even more new customer meetings per week may sound nearly impossible without a large sales team cold calling prospects day in and day out.

And to be honest, when I first got started with the platform, I had no idea if would be possible to use it to scale our own lead gen to that kind of level.

Back then I used to do the manual labor intense type of Social Selling that you see people do on LinkedIn.

Connecting with people. Writing organic posts. Chatting.

And it didn't take long before I started generating some meetings and deals.

The only problem was, I was spending several hours every day glued to the screen.

And it was absolutely exhausting...

So I started experimenting with automation softwares, with follow up sequences. With ads. With cold emailing. With... you name it. 

And little by little, I added a new piece to the puzzle.

Until I had built a scalable system that just works.

And look... this is not a magic trick, a loophole or anything like that.

The entire foundation of the LinkedClient platform is built on fundamental business principles.

It goes something like this....

1. Identify your target audience and learn their pain points and desires.
2. Talk to them.
3. Offer help.
4. Follow up with your potential customers in multiple channels.
4. Schedule meetings.
5. Close clients.

And the coolest part? By leveraging automated systems, you can do all of the above without spending hours of the day either on the phone nor glued to the screen. :)

Schedule a free demo with me and my team and I'll show you all the ins and outs.

What's the difference between your software platform and other softwares?

You got me! There's really not that much of a difference. We do offer amazing lead generation software. Simple to use, cool technical specs. to maximize the number of connection requests, messages sent and so on.


Here's the best part! Working with us is more than just software. 

When you sign up for LinkedClient, you'll not only get great lead generation software. You will also get weekly coaching sessions with my team of experts every week for free for as long as you stay with us. By attending these sessions you will get help with everything from the technical setup to advanced copywriting advice. This is what makes us different. And this is what will help you maximize your sales results.

Will this work for my business?

Honestly? Short answer. It depends.

Are you selling B2B?

Do you have an idea about who your dream customers are?

Can you handle 5-15+ sales meetings per week? 

If you answered yes to the above questions. Well, then this is a no-brainer for you. Just jump on a call and I'll prove it to you. :)

If you are selling B2C or just want to scale with one or two new customers / mo.. Then there are likely better solutions out there for you.

What sort of results can I expect?

As you can see on this page, I speak of 5-15+ new sales meetings per week. These numbers are not taken out of thin air, if we look at an average this is the type of results that our customers see. But there's simply too many factors involved to give you an exact number. It all depends on which market you're in, which countries you are targeting, what your are selling, how well established your product-market fit is right now, what day of week it is.... and so on.

But I know that you know all of this already. :)

So let's just leave it at this:

If you decide to try our platform, attend your included, weekly, coaching calls and simply show up and do the work, we dare to guarantee you that you will get amazing results.... and if you don't... it's software... so you can just cancel your subscription at any time. Seems fair? Awesome! :)

What happens on my free demo call?

On the call, either me or a team member of mine will give you a personalized demo of how our software platform can help you get more meetings with the right decision-makers, increase your sales and ultimately improve your business.

And if we believe that you are a good fit, we'll show you how to get instant access to our platform right away.

And if you at any time feel that it's not a good fit, just let us know and we'll part ways as friends. I promise to give you the same courtesy btw. We actually say no to our potential clients more often than not, if we believe there's a better option for them.  :) 

What happens after my demo call?

After your session, one of two things will happen.

If you decide to sign up and work with us over the coming weeks to set up your own lead generation system, then you will get instant access to our onboarding platform, which will help you get started immediately.

If either of us decided that it's not a good fit. We'll simply part as friends and move on with our lives. :)

Simple, right?

Richard: "I had to pause my leads machine to hire more sales reps"
(Uncut interview with our client Murphy Solutions. Sorry, it's in Swedish... 
But luckily we found a SWE -> ENG translator who was able to add some nice subtitles 😎)

The only question left: How many new sales meetings do you need in your business every week?

Linkedclient premium

Generate 5-8+ new sales meetings per week with automated outreach through cold emails and LinkedIn automations


From €316 / mo.

  • 1 Email Automation Account (value: €1,788+ / year)
  • 1 LinkedIn Automation Account (value: €900 / year)
  • 1 Weekly Coaching Session (value: €15,000 / year)
  • The Blueprint Onboarding Course (value: €1,996)
  • The Warp-Speed Template Pack (value: €899)
  • Cancel your monthly subscription at any time
linkedclient Ultimate

Generate 10-15+ new sales meetings per sales rep and week through cold emails, LinkedIn automations, organic marketing, newsletters, online advertising & much more.


From €556 / mo.

  • 1 Email Automation Account (value: €1,788+ / year)
  • 1 LinkedIn Automation Account (value: €900 / year)
  • 2 Weekly Coaching Sessions (value: €25,000 / year)
  • The Warp-Speed Template Pack (value: €899)
  • 365 LinkedIn Content Ideas  (value: €750)
  • Cancel your monthly subscription at any time
  • Advanced 6 module e-learning course teaching you how to integrate our platform with high value ninja marketing tactics such as newsletter automations, sales funnels, online advertising & much more. (value: €7,080)

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