The Story of a Broken Business Model… And The Record Growth That Followed 🚀

Dear reader,

Like most good stories, this story begins with major conflict. Many years ago, in the era when traditional advertising agencies, one-by-one, were making the shift into the modern digital agencies that we know today, I had just graduated from school and was looking to do something with my life. In that time, this shift from analog to digital had caught my attention.

The idea of being able to work from anywhere in the World, with just a laptop, was mesmerizing to me. So just out of school, I decided to start my own digital agency to build websites and do some basic marketing for my clients.

Warning: This is where this story’s conflict arises. 
The ’Incentives Mismatch’. Unfortunately it wasn’t for long, until I first realized a major problem with the whole digital agency model. In order for me to make a living by offering these types of services, I always had to compromise on the results that I gave my clients.

You see, I had chosen a niche in the B2B-space and my clients’ 
greatest problem were to find new customers, not their lack of a fancy website. However, the marketing services that I offered were not as profitable as website design. My incentives were clearly different than those of my clients’.

And it wasn’t just me, I could see this problem in every agency out there. The clients, especially those selling b2b, were struggling with making the shift from traditional sales into more digital business models. And in the meantime, the agencies kept selling them fancy websites and offering basic digital marketing as add-ons, that didn’t really lead to any real outcomes for their clients. But just to make things clear. This ’incentives mismatch’ I was seeing, had nothing to do with deceitfulness nor ill-will, we were all doing the best we could.

But the real problem was still there.
The struggle to find new business online. In that day and age, B2C brands and early e-commerce businesses were lightyears ahead. They were leveraging marketing automation, retargeting and other advanced concepts to sell like crazy.
So by adding things up, I saw my opportunity.
A gaping hole in the marketplace…

LinkedClient is born.

I now knew that the B2B-market was in desperate need of help. I also knew that shared incentives makes everything easier. And I knew that leveraging the power of automation along with a pragmatic approach to digital sales could make a real difference.

So I sold off my agency and started LinkedClient with the goal
of creating a scalable, and results oriented marketing concept,
tailored for B2B.

The final product became a hybrid of results oriented
educations, softwares and coaching.

We chose LinkedIn as our base, as most B2B companies are there. We chose an educational model over the traditional agency
model, to share incentives with our clients. We chose to leverage software to automate our clients’ sales
processes; in order to creative real results, fast.

And today, we have hundreds of happy clients throughout Europe
that are generating new customer meetings on-demand and are
making sales online every single day.

So just like most good stories, this story ends on a happy
note. 🙂

Now, let me ask you something.

Do you have great ambitions, grit and a will to digitalize your own sales processes? In that case, either schedule a free strategy call to talk to an expert OR join us on our ongoing journey in changing B2B-sales for the better by applying to any of our open job positions below.

B2B sales are broken, and we are here to fix it

Melker Adolfsson

CEO & Founder of LinkedClient