The AI Revolution Is Here

Here's how to get ahead and capitalize in the new era of B2B Sales

Henric Otterberg · LinkedIn

4 min read · 3 days ago

Imagine if you could reduce your digital marketing, cold calling, trade shows and advertising dollars to a mere memory. A world where you can say goodbye to bloated sales teams and the endless back and forth of scheduling meetings with your customers. A place where you can replace your entire sales & marketing stack with a single platform - All while saving cash, closing more deals and making more money than you could ever dream of.

Sounds too good to be true?

Hi there! I'm Henric, CTO at a Swedish startup company called LinkedClient.

In this blog post I will show you how, thanks to a breakthrough in AI, this "dream world" is no longer just a pipe dream, but actual reality.

And not just that, I will show you exactly how you can take advantage of the "AI revolution" to double, triple or even quadruple your sales in the coming year, using a new revolutionizing software platform that I've been part of creating.

And the best part? I'll show exactly how you can start using our platform for FREE. (This is why I invited you to read this blog post btw)

But before diving in, let me quickly rewind the tape and tell you why we built this platform (it's important for what comes next).

The Story of The Ultimate B2B Sales Formula

You see, back in 2020 I was running a digital marketing agency building websites, handling ad accounts etc. Standard client work.

But when the pandemic hit Sweden in March of 2020, my worst nightmare became reality... I lost my entire client base almost over night!

So there I was, no cash coming in. With bills to pay. And no idea how to find new business.

And that's when I first got in touch with Melker, the founder of a (then) small consulting company called LinkedClient.

He wrote me on LinkedIn asking if I needed more clients, hinting about a sales formula he had come up with, that didn't require any ad spend or hefty retainers.

"YES!" I thought to myself, while trying to play it cool.

He showed me what he was doing and we eventually decided to trade services with each other.

I was handling his Facebook ads, and he showed me the ins and outs of his secret sales formula.

And damn was it too good to be true!

I'm sure you have heard of Social Selling and how it can do wonders for your sales.

But the problem is how painstakingly slow the whole Social Selling process is.

It can literally takes months to get your first sale. And if you are trying to do it at scale, you will soon drown in follow ups.

Which eventually leads to hundreds of lost opportunities, if not more.

So what Melker had found was a way to automate huge parts of the Social Selling process by duct taping together a bunch of different softwares, while still applying the core Social Selling strategies.

And it works, like crazy!

Don't believe me? :) Just take a look at our sales teams' calendars...

This is just an example of a three week period in January of 2023, where sales opportunities tend to be pretty slim for most businesses.

In fact, after trying Melker's formula myself... I was so impressed by the whole strategy that I dropped everything else, and me and Melker joined forces to build something amazing.

Let's Fast-Forward to 2023

After working together for about a year, we had turned LinkedClient into a team of 15, selling the concept of Automated Social Selling as an online course to business owners and sales professionals all over the world.

Things were going great, our clients were cranking out success story after success story.

Like this one, our client Richard who even had to pause his Automated Social Selling campaigns in order to hire more sales reps. :)

But something was still missing...

Having a background in software development, it annoyed me that our clients not only had to purchase our e-learning program, but on top of that pay massive amounts of cash every month on software systems that they really didn't need. Totalling nearly $23,124 / year(!).

I mean, every client we worked with was getting great results, that far exceeded the price.

But still, it was a complex setup and there just had to be a better way.

So we went back to the whiteboard...

Meet Elsie; Your New GPT-powered Assistant Capable of Crushing Your Sales Goals

After spending months researching and prototyping, nearly going bankrupt in the process... we had finally done it!

We had built the Worlds only Automated Social Selling platform - LinkedClient.

And that's why you are here, reading this page today.

You see, thanks to the revolutionary AI technologies that have emerged in the past year.

Now you don't even need to do Social Selling yourself, thanks to LinkedClient's breakthrough AI assistant - Elsie.

To paint you a picture...

Imagine having a seasoned, professional sales assistant helping you with every aspect of the Social Selling process.

Imagine having someone who sorts out new target audiences and leads, someone who contacts these customers informing them about your company and your products, creating interest and finally scheduling meetings with these customers directly in your calendar.

Before the meeting she will send them information about your product and qualify them, making sure they show up.

All of this so that the only thing you need to do is taking the meetings with clients and close new deals.

Imagine every day when you come to the office your assistant is already there, reaching out to your customers.

And in the evening when you leave, she's still at her desk following up on today's work.

As a result of her eager work, she's able to contact between 800-1,500 new potential customers every month and at the same time maintaining your relations with 10,000+ potential clients in your growing professional network, constantly following up with personalized messages and information about your new products.

How much more would you sell if you had an assistant like this?

And is it even possible to find an assistant like this?

Well, now there is! :)

Just take a look at Elsie in action...

As you can see in the screenshots from the LinkedClient platform above, Elsie handles the meeting booking on your behalf when your prospect is interested.

And if they are skeptical, she qualifies them and automatically marks them for follow-up at a later stage.

Here's Everything The LinkedClient Platform Can do For You

- Truly Automated Social Selling; A proven sales formula for LinkedIn and email that allows you to get in front of and start building relationships with your dream clients at scale, by leveraging AI and automation

- AI generated, high converting, campaign messages, written by Elsie

- Smart & adaptable follow ups, that turns your conversations into booked sales meetings in your calendar

- AI-driven chatting by Elsie - When ever a prospect replies on LinkedIn or over email Elsie will be there, replying, as your trusted sales assistant while the lead is still hot

- Adaption to your current goals, whether you want more sales meetings, build more relationships or drive traffic to your website, your new assistant Elsie will help you achieve your goals

- You could even fire your marketing agency, cut down on your SEO work and offline events. With LinkedClient's platform you don't need anything else to network, book sales meetings and close new deals

Now, before I go on...

Here's the truth: I need your help

(Which is great news for your bank account 😄)

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I promised to show you how you can capitalize on the AI revolution for FREE.

So here's the deal...

We are looking for 3 more beta testers to join our Early Access Group and test new stuff BEFORE everyone else gets access

And don't worry, it's actually very simple. :)

All I want you to do is to report back directly to me whenever you hit a snag, find a bug or get an idea of how we could improve our platform.

That's it!

And in return, you will get full access to the LinkedClient platform and Elsie's AI capabilities.

Join Our Early Access Group - And Let Elsie Handle Your Sales For The Next 3 Months, We'll Cover Her Full Salary

Normally, having Elsie on your sales team costs $1,495 / month, plus a starting fee of $4,990.

But for the few members of our Early Access Group (we have a hard cap at eight businesses at any given time... and five of the seats are already taken), we are willing to make an exception, since it's a win-win when we get feedback from you!

So instead of putting the cash down, we'll cover the entire monthly investment for you.

This means that for three full months you'll get to reap the benefits of Automated Social Selling and Elsie's sales skills without paying the monthly cost, pretty sweet right?

But There's A (Small) Catch...

Running LinkedClient is expensive, and we are not looking for freebie seekers or tire kickers with this offer.

Covering your monthly cost for a full quarter is a huge risk for us.

So we need you and your business to be a good match.

And we want this to be a win-win.

And in order for our collaboration to become a win-win, here's what I'm proposing.

As mentioned, on top of the monthly we fee we also have a starting fee.

While the monthly fee covers operational expenses for us, the starting fee is used as a pure re-investment into the development of the platform. So naturally, it's mandatory.

But... (yes, there's a but).

If you take me up on the Early Access Group offer today... We have decided to make an exception and slice the starting fee in half.

And to make it completely risk-free for you to join our Early Access Group...

We are making a second exception by adding a completely crazy guarantee.

Here's my personal "Early Access Group Win-Win Guarantee"

I personally guarantee that if you haven't gotten at least 99 high value conversations started with potential dream customers after working with LinkedClient over the next 3 months... we'll even refund you the entire starting fee.

Look, we are essentially taking on all the risk here, and all you need to do in return is supply me with some feedback whenever you find a problem.

And if you don't get the results promised over the next three months, I'll personally make sure that you get a full refund.

But There's Actually More...

The reason we are willing to take on all the risk here is simply because I want you to become a long term client, even after the three months have passed.

So here's everything you will get if you decide to become an Early Access Group member TODAY.

Get Free Access to LinkedClient and Elsie For The Next 3 Months (value: $4,485)

Start as many Automated Social Selling campaigns as you'd like, targeting your dream clients. Have Elsie reach out to your audience with high converting campaign copy and grow your professional network, follow up and schedule meetings - and make money. Completely free of charge for a full quarter!

Starting Fee Sliced in Half (Value: $1,995)

Even though the Starting Fee is the only way we can keep improving the LinkedClient platform and Elsies sales skills, we are making an exception for our highly appreciated beta testers. (This is the only time and place we are making this exception btw)

Bonus #1: Free Zoom Access To Our In-House Team of Growth Experts (Value: $1,200)

As an Early Access Group member, you will get direct access to our in-house team of growth experts... whenever you need it!

If your campaign is not performing as expected, or if you have a question on how to instruct Elsie about your business, our anything else... just book a Zoom call with our team and they are happy to help. :)

Bonus #2: Our Full E-learning Course on Automated Social Selling (Value: $7,080)

While we have trained Elsie to handle most of the Automated Social Selling work for you, there are still a lot of useful information that you can use to your advantage inside our e-learning course.

Our #1 priority is getting you amazing results, and increasing your own, personal, sales skills is the fastest way forward.

Here's just some of the stuff available in our e-learning:

* How to write a Million Dollar Success Story to share in your campaigns and make your potential customers eager to buy from you

* 365 Content Ideas that you can instantly use and post on LinkedIn to create value and become an industry leader

* How to identify & reach Your Dream Clients (the kind of clients that have their pockets loaded with cash)

* How to crank out breakthrough copy that speaks directly to your target audience's hearts and makes them instantly like and trust you

* How to perfect your sales calls in a digital world

* ...and muuuuch, much more!

Bonus #3: We'll Even Buy You a Calendly Account (Value: $100)

No more bouncing time slots back and forth, let Elsie get direct access to your calendar and book meetings with your clients. All you need to do is showing up for your client meetings.

Bonus #4: The Early Access Group Win-Win Guarantee (Value: Priceless!)

If you don't get at least 99 high value conversations started on LinkedIn / Email with your dream clients, during your first 3 months of joining LinkedClient, we'll refund you the full starting fee and you pay exactly ZERO dollars.

Simple as that. :)

That's a Total Value of $14,860 - Completely Risk-Free

But as mentioned, this is NOT for everyone.

I need you to be motivated to increase your sales.

And I need you to provide feedback if you find a problem on the platform.

Lastly, you need to be able to afford the discounted starting fee of $1,995.

And the only way for me to determine if you have what it takes to join, is by talking to you in person. :)

Here's How To Qualify For The "Early Access Group" Offer

The easiest way to reach me and talk about joining the Early Access Group is by scheduling a call with me personally, using the link below.

But if you're an introvert (like myself) and you prefer chatting, you may also reach me directly on LinkedIn and we can continue the conversation there.

Just remember, with all the financial risk on us, we are keeping the Early Access Group extremely limited.

At the time of writing this post, there's only 3 seats left. They go fast.

So if you are serious about doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your sales this year, schedule your intro call with me right now.

Schedule Your Intro Call Directly With Henric

Look, I don't want to scare you or anything, but the AI revolution is here. Whether we like it or not.

Selling your services or products is not going to be the same when this new era of B2B sales comes knocking.

And just like in the past... when new technology emerges, the fast-movers are the ones enjoying the rewards.

So don't miss out on this opportunity.

I'm giving you $14,860 worth of value completely risk-free. Just to try LinkedClient in the coming three months.

That's how sure I am that we will be able to increase your sales.

Click here to schedule your call

Thanks for reading, and I hope to catch you on Zoom or LinkedIn soon!

/ Henric


Since writing this post, I've received a lot of questions about this offer. So I figured it would be better to lay it all out here, so that you have all information available before booking your call with me. :)

What will happen on the intro call with me?

On the call, we'll talk about our respective businesses in order to figure out if we can create a win-win by collaborating on this.

I'll also give you a personalized demo of the LinkedClient platform and Elsie's sales capabilities.

And if everything makes sense for us both, I'll help you join the Early Access Group, directly on the call.

What happens AFTER I've joined the Early Access Group?

Once you have signed up, you will be invited to schedule an onboarding call with our team. On this call our experts will help you connect your LinkedIn account, email account and your new Calendly account to the platform. This allows Elsie to work on your behalf.

Once the technical setup is complete, the team will assist you in starting your first campaign.

Typically, we recommend starting with a relationship building campaign to quickly grow your professional network with potential high value customers.

How does everything work in practice?

Once your first campaign is running, Elsie will immediately start sending out LinkedIn connection requests and/or emails to your prospective customers.

Once someone reply, a series of machine learning algorithms will label and categorize replies and put them in to different buckets, kind of like how you would evaluate an incoming email or chat message yourself. This allows Elsie to reply back on your behalf, in the same way a human assistant would, many times even better.

She will also label your contacts in to different statuses, in order to do personalized follow-ups with each and every contact she connects with. This is the most powerful part of the whole process.

I'm sure you have heard that, in order to generate a sale you need to on average, follow up with a prospect between 7-11 times. And doing this at scale used to be near impossible up until now. Elsie will automatically schedule follow-ups with each and every prospect in your campaigns, allowing you to not only get immediate wins, but long-term... sustainable sales increases too.

Do I need to know anything else?

Well, you need to use LinkedIn's own prospecting tool called Sales Navigator in order to do research and import your potential customers on to the platform. So you need to get a Sales Navigator license of your own for this to work.

But don't worry, if you don't have a Sales Nav account yet, and if you are a good match for the Early Access Group offer, I would be happy to deduct the cost of this license from the starting fee. :)

That's it! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn ahead of scheduling your call.