NOTE: Due to an overwhelming demand for LinkedClient & Elsie, and the tremendous growth we've experienced, we find ourselves in a situation where there are simply too many customers in line for immediate access.

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The Worlds FIRST AI Sales Assistant For B2B

Say Goodbye To Traditional Sales With Labor Intense Admin, Cold Calling & Time Consuming Prospecting And Say Hello To The Next Generation Sales Assistant - Powered By AI To Help You Skyrocket Your Sales!

The Future Is Now. Join Us.

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After spending years researching and prototyping, nearly going bankrupt in the process... we had finally done it!

We had built the Worlds only AI Sales Assistant for B2B.

And that's why you are here, reading this page today.

You see, thanks to the revolutionary AI technologies that have emerged in the past year.

Now you'll have the most reliable process for B2B sales, thanks to LinkedClient's breakthrough AI assistant - Elsie.

To paint you a picture...

Imagine having a seasoned, professional sales assistant helping you with every aspect of the Social Selling process.

Imagine having someone who sorts out new target audiences and leads, someone who contacts these customers informing them about your company and your products, creating interest and finally scheduling meetings with these customers directly in your calendar.

Before the meeting she will send them information about your product and qualify them, making sure they show up.

All of this so that the only thing you need to do is taking the meetings with clients and close new deals.

Imagine every day when you come to the office your assistant is already there, reaching out to your customers.

And in the evening when you leave, she's still at her desk following up on today's work.

As a result of her eager work, she's able to contact between 800-1,500 new potential customers every month and at the same time maintaining your relations with 10,000+ potential clients in your growing professional network, constantly following up with personalized messages and information about your new products.

How much more would you sell if you had an assistant like this?

And is it even possible to find an assistant like this?

Well, now there is! :)

Just take a look at Elsie in action...

As you can see in the screenshots above, whenever a prospect sends you a email or a LinkedIn message Elsie is there as your trusted assistant scheduling meetings on your behalf - completely automated and powered by AI.

She even updates their pipeline status automatically so you don't have to.

All inside LinkedClients groundbreaking platform.

Get In Line To The Worlds FIRST AI Sales Assistant For B2B

  • Elsie is 76% better then our human users in scheduling meetings
  • You give Elsie a short presentation about your company - she handles the rest
  • The meetings are scheduled right in to your calendar with all the information you need
  • Stop doing the boring parts of sales - focus on the important stuff and let Elsie handle the rest
  • A follow up system so Elsie never forget a single lead, she remember everything!
  • Grow your sales organization with ease and use our platform as the foundation for your sales staff
Customers served! 100 + Booked Meetings
Customers served! By Elsie In The Last 100 Days

Here's Everything The LinkedClient Platform Can do For You

- Truly Automated B2B Sales; A proven sales formula for LinkedIn and email that allows you to get in front of and start building relationships with your dream clients at scale, by leveraging AI and automation

- AI generated, high converting, campaign messages, written by Elsie

- Smart & adaptable follow ups, that turns your conversations into booked sales meetings in your calendar

- AI-driven chatting by Elsie - When ever a prospect replies on LinkedIn or over email Elsie will be there, replying, as your trusted sales assistant while the lead is still hot

- Adaption to your current goals, whether you want more sales meetings, build more relationships or drive traffic to your website, your new assistant Elsie will help you achieve your goals

- You could even fire your marketing agency, cut down on your SEO work and offline events. With LinkedClient's platform you don't need anything else to network, book sales meetings and close new deals

Listen To What Our
CCO, Mikael Haag
Has To Say About Elsie.

Truthfully, you're at a pivotal moment right now...

You really have two paths you could go down right now.

‍Path #1 - Do nothing

‍You could disregard everything we've shared, continuing to operate your business and your sales with the wrong strategy or tactics…

You will let your competitors take this opportunity instead and fall behind...

If you’re still here reading this, more than likely you’re not going to do this…

‍I hope you’re smart enough to see how using an AI B2B Sales Assistant could help your business explode.

‍That leads us to the other path…

‍Path #2 - Let Elsie Help You Build A B2B Sales System Powered By AI

‍This path will minimize your possible mistakes…

And it also speeds up your implementation process while holding you accountable the entire way.

When you combine Elsies strategic knowledge…

With the consistent strength that AI allows.

And on top of that, the magical customer success team over at LinkedClient…

You’re taking the most streamlined path possible to scale your B2B sales and run past all of your competitors.

So don’t hesitate, click the button below to join the waiting list.

And we promise - it will be worth it.

Get in line as quick as you can!

The Customer Success team are working harder than ever to onboard everyone into our platform so they can get access to Elsie.

We understand that many of you are eager to access our system and start benefiting from our services. We appreciate your enthusiasm and patience during this exciting time.

However, due to an overwhelming demand for LinkedClient & Elsie, and the tremendous growth we've experienced, we find ourselves in a situation where there are simply too many customers in line for immediate access.

We'd like to take a moment to explain why we have implemented a wait list and how our dedicated Customer Success team is working diligently to expedite your access.

We truly appreciate your trust in LinkedClient, and we hope that you're excited to get started with our revolutionary AI assistant.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

We look forward to welcoming you into the LinkedClient community as soon as possible.

Here's everything you need to know...

This all sounds way too good to be true, how does it actually work?

First of all, I get it. 

Generating 5, 10, 15 or even more new customer meetings per week may sound nearly impossible without a large sales team cold calling prospects day in and day out.

And to be honest, when I first built my Automated Social Selling System I had no idea if it would scale or not.

Back then I used to do the manual labor intense type of Social Selling that you see people do on LinkedIn.

Connecting with people. Writing organic posts. Chatting.

And it didn't take long before I started generating some meetings and deals.

The only problem was, I was spending several hours every day glued to the screen.

And it was absolutely exhausting...

So I started experimenting with automation softwares, with follow up sequences. With ads. With cold emailing. With... you name it. 

And little by little, I added a new piece to the puzzle.

Until I had built a scalable system that just works.

And look... this is not a magic trick, a loophole or anything like that.

The entire foundation of my Automated Social Selling System is built on fundamental business principles.

It goes something like this....

1. Identify your target audience and learn their pain points and desires.
2. Talk to them.
3. Offer help.
4. Follow up with your potential customers in multiple channels.
4. Schedule meetings.
5. Close clients.

And the coolest part? By leveraging automated systems, you can do all of the above without spending hours of the day either on the phone nor glued to the screen. :)

Schedule a strategy session with me and my team and I'll show you all the ins and outs.

Will automated social selling work for my business?

Honestly? Short answer. It depends.

Are you selling B2B?

Do you have an idea about who your dream customers are?

Can you handle 5-15+ sales meetings per week? 

If you answered yes to the above questions. Well, then this is a no-brainer for you. Just jump on a call and I'll prove it to you. :)

If you are selling B2C or just want to scale with one or two new customers / mo.. Then there are likely better solutions out there for you.

What happens on my free strategy session?

On the call, either me or a team member of mine will give you a personalized demo of how our Automated Social Selling can help you get more meetings with the right decision-makers, increase your sales and ultimately improve your business.

And if we believe that you are a good fit, we might invite you to work with us over the coming 6 weeks to build out an Automated Social Selling System in your business.

And if you at any time feel that it's not a good fit, just let us know and we'll part ways as friends. I promise to give you the same courtesy btw. We actually say no to our potential clients more often than not, if we believe there's a better option for them.  :) 

When can I get access to Elsie?

After your session, one of two things will happen.

If you decide to enroll and work with us over the coming weeks to set up your own Automated Social Selling System, then you will get near-instant access to our onboarding platform, which will help you get started immediately.

If either of us decided that it's not a good fit. We'll simply part as friends and move on with our lives. :)

Simple, right?

Want more information about our solution?
Listen to some of our customers here!

Richard Eklind
CEO & Founder
Murphy Solution

Kari Taipalus
Partner Sales

Kirill Kuzhelko
CEO & Founder
Toseto Sweden

Richar Eklind

CEO, Murphy Solution

"I didn't think it was true, but when I got access and saw Elsie chatting and making appointments for me, it was like reliving my first great love all over again."

B2B Sales Has A New Name...
And That's Elsie

Meet The Team Behind Elsie

Chief Executive Officer

Melker Adolfsson


Veronica Isfelt

Customer Success

Klaudia Pacura

Chief technology Officer

Henric Otterberg

Product owner

Adrianna Cieszkowska


Henrik Rodriguez

Chief Commercial Officer

Mikael Haag

sales representative

Alexander Larsson

Marketing Architect

Lucas Lindström

But There's Actually More...

To make sure you see as much success with LinkedClient and Elsie we have also prepared a start pack for all the companies in our waiting list.

So here's everything you will get if you decide to join the wait list TODAY.

Bonus #1: Free Zoom Access To Our In-House Team of Growth Experts (Value: $1,200)
As an Early Access Group member, you will get direct access to our in-house team of growth experts... whenever you need it!

If your campaign is not performing as expected, or if you have a question on how to instruct Elsie about your business, our anything else... just book a Zoom call with our team and they are happy to help. :)

Bonus #2: Our Full E-learning Course on Automated Social Selling (Value: $7,080)
While we have trained Elsie to handle most of the Automated Social Selling work for you, there are still a lot of useful information that you can use to your advantage inside our e-learning course.

Our #1 priority is getting you amazing results, and increasing your own, personal, sales skills is the fastest way forward.

Here's just some of the stuff available in our e-learning:

- How to write a Million Dollar Success Story to share in your campaigns and make your potential customers eager to buy from you

- 365 Content Ideas that you can instantly use and post on LinkedIn to create value and become an industry leader

- How to identify & reach Your Dream Clients (the kind of clients that have their pockets loaded with cash)

- How to crank out breakthrough copy that speaks directly to your target audience's hearts and makes them instantly like and trust you

- How to perfect your sales calls in a digital world

- ...and muuuuch, much more!

Bonus #3: We'll Even Buy You a Calendly Account (Value: $100)
No more bouncing time slots back and forth, let Elsie get direct access to your calendar and book meetings with your clients. All you need to do is showing up for your client meetings.

Simple as that. :)

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